For decades and, perhaps, for centuries isolation was one of the most serious problems of Javakhk. Isolation has many aspects: broken roads and collapsed infrastructure make it complicated to visit Javakhk. Lack of information sources, printed and electronic media make it complicated to get information about Javakhk. Economical isolation forces many Armenians of Javakhk to look for jobs abroad.

Over recent years the negative impact of  this information isolation is even more noticeable and vital due to political activation around Javakhk. External powers are trying to use Javakhk and, in particular, information isolation of  Javakhk to achieve their aims in our region.

Javakhk Network was founded in 2005 with primary aim to create information recourses,  sits, databases, media and other IT recourses providing information about Javakhk. Our information resources cover general information, information for tourists, historical, ethnographical and cultural information. Please find below the list of our main projects developed.

Important! Since Armenians of Javakhk have neither state nor official structures that could take care of development of information resources for Javakhk, the work on them can be done by volunteers or public organizations only. If you are interested in Javakhk and would like to take part in our work, please visit our Co-work for Javakhk page. Javakhk needs your help!

Javakhk Network is proud to present the following information recourses and project developed for Javakhk:

Travel Javakhk – your best guide to find information on Javakhk and to plan your trip to Javakhk. >>>

Javakhk Forum – News, discussions and analysis about Javakhk, its history, culture and traditions. >>>

Le Javakhk Forum en langue Française – Forum for Javakhk in French language. >>>

Javakhk 1915-23 – Site devoted to the events of 1915-23 in Javakhk. During those years Javakhk passed through all the steps of the fate of the Armenian people: tragedy of the Armenian Genocide, self-defense against Turkish occupation, escape, loses and rebirth. >>>

Songbook of Javakhk – Songbook of Javakhk – Exposition of folk and traditional music of Javakhk. Audio, video,  poetry, lyrics and  articles about rich musical heritage of Javakhk.

Tsalka Survey, Multimedia CD ROM – An illustrated survey for Tsalka region (Javakhk). The survey is published as a multimedia CD (DVD box). >>>

Javakhk Calendars – Illustrated callendars for Javakhk. Calendars are available in hi-resolution printable PDF format for free. >>>

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