15.12.2010. Our project received a first-class award at the 5'th Аll-Armenian e-content competition.

15.09.2009. In the project Songbook of Javakhk the section Groups is launched.

15.07.2009. The Surb Nshan project launched in web and PDF versions.

31.12.2008. The Songbook of Javakhk website opened.


15.11.2008. Our project received a first-class award at the 3'rd Аll-Armenian e-content competition.

25.01.2008. The new portal opened.

20.12.2007. Javakhk Calendar for year 2008 produced. Please download it for free in our Calendars page.

07.09.2006. Online discussion about Flag, Coat-of-arms and Anthem for Javakhk started.

24.10.2006. The French language forum of Javakhk - Le Javakhk Forum en langue Française opened.

12.09.2006. The Travel Javakhk site officially launched by Javakhk Network.

06.08.2006. Multimedia CD "An illustrated survey for Tsalka" appeared.

08.10.2005. The Javakhk Forum (Armenian, English, Russian) opened.


Information Portal for Javakhk is a network of information recourses,  sits, databases, media and other IT recourses providing information about Javakhk.

Our Travel Javakhk site contains summary of main information about Javakhk, including History, Geography, and information for tourists interested in a visit to Javakhk. In  Javakhk Forum you can ask your questions about Javakhk, and find discussions and analysis about our region. The site Javakhk 1915-23 is devoted to History of Javakhk and, in particular, to the events of 1915-23. The Entertainment site Songbook of Javakhk brings you melodies of our Land. The full list of Javakhk Network modules is in Projects section. If you have relevant information about Javakhk (texts, photo, audio or video) to share, or if you would like to help us in our projects, please see our Co-Work page.

Welcome to Javakhk!

Travel Javakhk – your best guide to find information on Javakhk and to plan your trip to Javakhk.

Travel Javakhk

Javakhk Forum – News, discussions and analysis about Javakhk, its history, culture and traditions.

Javakhk Forum

Javakhk 1915-23 – Site devoted to the events of 1915-23 in Javakhk. During those years Javakhk passed through all the steps of the fate of the Armenian people: tragedy of the Armenian Genocide, self-defense against Turkish occupation, escape, loses and rebirth.

Javakhk 1915-23

Songbook of Javakhk – Exposition of folk and traditional music of Javakhk. Audio, video,  poetry, lyrics and  articles about rich musical heritage of Javakhk..

Songbook of Javakhk

Vahan Teryan – Welcome to the project presenting the life and poetry heritage of the famous Armenian poet Vahan Teryan. The website presents the complete collection of poems and translations of Vahan Teryan's work (especially many English translations which are being published in Armenia for the first time) as well as other audio, photo, and video materials. The life and biography of the famous poet is presented in three languages in the sections of Biography and Gallery. The research of Teryan's life and poetry is exhibited in the section of Articles.


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